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Dispersion is a virtual undulatory apparition which weaves within a dream space, visualizing the momentum of sound emitted from its perceptual geometry. Its illusory effects are subtly perceived though disorienting zones of it’s sonic architecture through Non-physical Feature Feedback Synthesis for computer and microphone, haptics, and an augmented virtual environment, while it orients and excites itself as the viewer moves and speaks with it. These artifacts script a choreography and perceived movement within the structure as well as a bodily felt rhythm, the way that vibratory spaces can exert a physical response to perceived acceleration. Using the ontological relationship between mathematical, musical and virtual harmonies we look at how bottom-up multi-sensory processing changes the possibility and experience of how we explore sonic landscapes.

Dispersion is the first initial sculptural environment within the Fields Universe.  


VR Experience Created in Unity3d
Visual Design and Programming: Chelley Sherman
Sound Design: Article C // Christopher Latina

Featured on BBC Radio 4: FutureProofing

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Algorithmic Art Assembly Lecture

“Perceptual Geometries”