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Dispersion is an oscillating audio visual installation in a virtual environment. The undulatory apparition weaves within a dream space, visualizing the momentum of sound emitted from its geometry. Its illusory effects are subtly perceived though momentarily disorienting zones of it’s architecture. As it dissipates to regions beyond the viewer’s audible falloff, illusions of continuous sound remain, where the mind fills in the gaps. These artifacts script a choreography and perceived movement within the structure as well as a bodily felt rhythm, the way that vibratory spaces can exert a physical response to perceived acceleration. 

Dispersion is the first initial sculptural environment within the Fields Universe.

The Fields Universe

Fields is an ecosystem of sentient sonic structures, weaving the self into sculptural, meditation labyrinths. Patterns in motion create a poeticmmomentum driven by the visitor in the system. It explores embodiment through algorithmically learned behaviors and relationships between movement and environmental sound. Traversing through vibratory continents of sonic environments, interwoven physical and sonic states gravitate towards a harmonious center.

Next Steps

I am continuing to finish the designs for the entire sonic sculptural landscape, which extends the virtual realm into augmented experiences, and blending into physically reactive environments. As we look at the advancements of AI assistants, like Siri and Alexa, as human servants who delicately respond to almost imperceptible movements, I’m researching similar movement and gaze inputs and integrations to breathe life into these objects. This creates a window into the imaginative healing environments you internalize in your mind, externalizing them into a forest of artificially intelligent sound beings which become playful, attentive, and soothing. It’s harmonic poetry in motion. 

VR Experience Created in Unity3d
Visual Design and Programming: Chelley Sherman
Sound Design: Article C