Chelley Sherman

is a virtual artist from San Francisco. Her work is governed by patterns and texture which harness the neural systems that underlie enthrallment in darkness, ritual, reverie. Her practice consists of experiments with different mediums and displays such as virtual reality, projection mapping, and interactive audio visual installations. Sherman's work often focuses on human cognition, exploring perception in photic stimulus and non-linear narrative.

Her works have been presented in installation and performances in media arts festivals in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York. She has also given talks and lectures at IDEO, Gray Area, and Adobe Research.

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“Dispersion”, SF Content Creators, , Adobe Research, SF, CA

“Dispersion, Device New Media Showcase, Coaxial, LA, CA

"Dispersion", Gray Area Incubator Showcase 2018.1, Gray Area, SF, CA

Mozilla XR Studio Fellow, SF, CA

Ghostly International Official Movement Opening Party, MOVEMENT, Detroit, MI

Braille AV Performance, MUTEK, Midway Gallery, SF, CA

HP Performance, Hilton Anaheim, CA

Bleie AV Performance, SF CA



Laurel Halo Live at Gray Area, Gray Area, SF, CA

01 Salon : The Midway Gallery, SF, CA

Networked Utopias: The YUD Gallery, CJM, SF, CA

Dimentia, Front242, Severed Heads: Mezzanine, SF, CA

Femmebot: Gendering Technology: StoreFront Lab, SF, CA

AYLI Lobster Theremin Showcase: Monarch SF,CA

Sure Thing w/ Sleeparchive & Acronym:  F8, SF, CA

Sure Thing w/ Artefakt & Korridor : F8, SF, CA

Gray Area Festival: Nonotak & Rival Consoles w/ BLEIE, SF, CA

Gray Area Festival: Kaitlyn Auriela Smith & Novi Sad w/ David Last, SF, CA

"Das Is", Ghost.TV 100% REAL: AR/VR Pop Up/ GLAS Animation Festival, Berkley, CA

"Das Is", ArtandVR Futurist Festival, Hack Temple, SF, CA

Asusu & Answer Code Request, F8, SF, CA

Organic Mecanique, Dolby Gallery, SF, CA



SF Content Creators, Adobe Research, SF, CA

Reimagine : Identity of Self, IDEO, SF, CA

01 Salon The Midway Gallery, SF, CA

Femmebot: Gendering Technology: StoreFront Lab, SF, CA


"Das Is", Art & VR, Upload Collective, SF, CA

"Das Is", Art of Dying VR/AR Exhibit, Laundry, SF, CA

"Das Is", FLOAT VR Exhibit, DTLA, CA

"Apsis" Ghosting.TV: How Many Of Us, WerkArtz, LA, CA

"Ionosonde", Next Art Night: Los Angeles, Monophonics, LA, CA

"Ionosonde" Memories of the Future: Fridman Gallery, NY, NY

Gray Area Festival p5Js Workshop, SF, CA

Kadenze and SparkFun Creative Code Chat, Internet, USA

"Ch 37" Gray Area Creative Code Immersive Showcase, SF, CA